DAS Documents
  • DAS, a general user proxy for the entire Decentralized Account Systems project.
  • DAS account, refers to each individual account, e.g. alice.bit, bob.bit.
  • DAS domain, another name for a DAS account.
  • Registration, refers to the process of obtaining a DAS account by paying a fee to the DAS contract.
  • Owner, each account has an owner, who owns the DAS account and can modify the owner and administrator.
  • Manager, each account has an manager, who owns the DAS account and can modify the account's parsed record.
  • Parsed Record, every data associated with a DAS account, if a BTC address, a Twitter account, is called a parsed record.
  • Registration Fee, there is a yearly fee for holding a DAS account, which varies for accounts with different character lengths.
  • Storage Fee, each account's parsed record is stored on the blockchain and requires a fixed size storage space, so a storage fee is required. The storage fee will be refunded when the account is reclaimed.
  • Inviter, any DAS account can be used as an inviter. You can get a certain discount when you fill in an exisiting DAS account as an inviter when you register your account; others can also get a certain bonus when they fill in your DAS account as an inviter when they register their account.
  • Channel, any product that integrates a DAS registration service (such as a wallet) can be called a channel. If a user completes a registration through a channel, the channel can receive a percentage of the registration fee.
  • Registrar, an organization/individual that provides a registration interface and payment method for users.
  • On-chain time, the time on the blockchain, which usually lags slightly behind real world time and does not pass as evenly as real world time.
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