DAS is a set of smart contracts running on Nervos CKB. Ordinary users cannot interact with smart contracts directly, but need to complete a series of operations such as registration management of DAS through the user interface (Dapp UI).

A registrar is a service provider that provides a registration interface for users. Its responsibilities include

  1. Developing the visual interface required for users to register their DAS

  2. If the user pays the registration fee by means other than CKB, the registrar collects the user's fee and uses its own CKB to register the user's DAS account, from which it earns a certain exchange rate difference.

A registrar, in the broader sense, not only provides a registration interface for the user, but also provides a range of related services. For example, secondary market trading, account expiration reminders, etc. Registrars can earn revenue by providing these services.

Registrars are important player in the DAS ecosystem. While the DAS development team currently provides a simple registration interface, it is our plan that all registration services will be provided by different registrars. the DAS development team is focused on maintaining the DAS protocol. For any organization or individual who wants to become a registrar, they can contact us. We will provide complete technical support and guide users to use the registrar's services on our official website.

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