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Contribute to DAS

Build Together
DAS is committed to become the infrastructure of the crypto world, which can't be built without the community working together and we believe a well-designed revenue sharing system can make DAS community grow faster. We want to see every DAS community member to get the corresponding rewards from contributing to the growth of DAS.
There are several roles we identified in the ecosystem and please note any organization/individual can play multiple roles at the same time.
Provide users with an interface to register/manage/renew their DAS (Dapp UI).
Currency conversion premium; channel rewards; promotion rewards; secondary market trading revenue, etc.
Take advantage of your own traffic and bring the Dapp UI provided by your registrar to your users.
Channel Bonus: 10% of registration fee
Introduce DAS to your friends in social networks and invite them to use DAS.
Promotion bonus: 10% of the registration fee
Develop applications based on DAS.
Depends on the business model of the application itself
Write your own Keeper program and participate in DAS proposal transactions.
Reward: 2% of the registration fee
The channel rewards, promotion rewards, and Keeper rewards are capabilities implemented at the contract level, and the rewards are billed to the corresponding roles in real time.
Eg. A user registers a DAS account through https://app.gogodas.com?inviter=dasdeveloper.bit&channel=imtokenreferral.bit. The inviter -dasdeveloper.bit - will get the promotion bonus, which is 10% of the registration fee. The channel - imtokenreferral.bit - will get the channel bonus, which is 10% of the registration fee. And the registrar - gogodas.com - will get a premium for a certain amount of ETH converted to CKB. The registrar's exact earnings depend on the premium percentage set by the registrar itself.
DAS is an open source project with smart contracts deployed on the blockchain at its core, and anyone can participate in building DAS without permission. Let's build it together!