Build applications on DAS

There are several ideas for developing applications based on DAS.

  1. treating a DAS account as a practical NFT asset and developing a trading/auction/rental marketplace for DAS

  2. consider DAS account as a public key-value database that can only be modified by the user, where any type of parsed records can be stored. Developers can build applications based on this.

Application example: - decentralized personal homepage is a typical DAS application that treats DAS accounts as public key-value data. can be seen as a decentralized version of LinkTree, a decentralized personal home. Unlike other personal homepage products, the information displayed on's homepage is stored decentrally. Only DAS account owners who can modify it, and cannot delete your profile.

If Alice owns alice.bit and adds her own links to various social networks in the resolution record, will display these links in an extremely beautiful way, accessible to other users via The performance of is completely controlled by Alice through the setting of the resolution record. For example.

  1. Alice can decide whether to display your decentralized profile in light mode or dark mode by setting the value of the resolution record custom_key.bitcc_theme to light or dark.

  2. Alice can set the value of the resolution record custom_key.bitcc_redirect to a link to Alice's personal website. This way, when someone visits, the page will automatically redirect to alice's personal website.

These features are possible because is responding based on Alice's resolution records. In the future, will be able to present all of Alice's NFTs based on Alice's resolution records. will be a truly decentralized personal home page for Alice. docs


The preparation work required to develop different types of applications varies.

If a DAS account is a practical NFT asset, develop a trading/auction/rental marketplace for DAS. You need to understand.

  1. the basics of Nervos CKB, its data structure, and transaction structure (Learn Nervos CKB)

  2. the basics of DAS, its data structure and transaction structure (Learn DAS)

To develop applications based on the parsed records of DAS accounts, you do not need to know the technical details of Nervos CKB and DAS. Just learn how to use das-account-indexer or das-sdk-js to get the parsed record for an account, or to query whether an address holds a DAS account. As well as understanding the namespace specification of DAS's parsed records.

Desired DAS applications

We believe that the following interesting applications should emerge based on DAS.

  1. Sending end-to-end encrypted messages using DAS accounts

  2. Using DAS accounts to aggregate reputations across multiple chains

  3. Using DAS accounts to log into centralized services.

  4. Decentralized personal pages/social networks based on DAS accounts

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