DAS believes that those who promote DAS should also be able to share the rewards as DAS grows. Therefore, DAS has implemented an invitation rebate mechanism at the contract level.

If someone else uses your invitation link to sign up for a DAS account or fills in your DAS account as an inviter, you will get a certain percentage of the other person's registration fee as reward. View Reward Details.

Invitation rewards are decentralized and settled to the inviter immediately after the invitee completes registration. Due to the underlying principle of Nervos CKB, rewards need to be paid out only when a certain amount is reached. Also, since DAS is a smart contract running on Nervos CKB, it can only recognize the assets of Nervos CKB internally. In fact, the fees for the registration/renewal/administration/reward settlement actions are all paid in CKB. Therefore, promotional rewards are also issued in the form of CKBs. The rewards can be viewed and withdrawn from the administration interface of the registration service.

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